THE BEAST - Hide N' Go Seat Mounting Bracket

THE BEAST - Hide N' Go Seat Mounting Bracket

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Our upgraded Hide N' Go Seat Mounting Bracket (Patent Pending) was designed to be hyper-safe with more structural mounts than any other mounting plate for this seat. The mounting holes are positioned in the most commonly used mounting position with the seat back landing about 46" from the back of the D pillar allowing passengers enough space to sit while optimizing cabinet space.

The Beast Mounting Plate is designed to be install and stay installed, even if you want to pull the seat out. The plate can be bolted into the subframe to allow it to safely remain under the van when the seat is removed and the nuts are welded on to make a one-person install possible!


  • 1/4" Steel Mounting Bracket
  • Hardware

The mounting bracket has not been pull-tested and therefore is not DOT approved, however, it is a robust 1/4" powder-coated steel plate that is engineered to capture four subframe flanges and three subframe members giving it a higher engineered pull out strength than any plate on the market. 

If you feel the need to drill new holes in the plate feel free to do so just be sure to use a few coats of primer on the new holes to prevent rust.  

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