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Adventure Truck Components

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Looking for a Full build?

Overland Van Project is a bespoke camper van builder utilizing intuitive layouts and innovative designs. Our builds promise comfort and versatility using only the highest quality materials and building methods, so you can stay focused on the adventure at hand. With both Fully-Custom and Semi-Custom layouts, you can have everything you need without compromise.


Need help with the tricky stuff?

While our DIY kits are easy to put together, we know there are many parts of a van buildout that can be scary and risky!That is why we have partnered with the Overland Van Project Install Center, so we can help with Suspension, Roof Racks, Flares, Windows, AC's, Electrical Systems, Bumpers, Heaters & More.Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection before you buy? OVP's knowledgeable team can give the van a run through so you have confidence in your purchase.

Adventure Truck Components

Pariah Fabrication

Pariah fabrication is your source for high quality adventure gear for your rig. Small medium and large truck flatbeds, expedition truck windows, doors, hatches, bumpers and accessories.

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