Hide N' Go Seat Mounting Bracket

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These 1/4" steel mounting brackets not only make it easier to install your Hide N' Go Seat by Freedman or Bellagio, but they also reinforce it and make it multiples safer than just using washers.

Our in-house designed mounting brackets are laser cut to fit the undercarriage of the Sprinter or Transit exactly so that in the case of an accident, the plate will pull against the pinch welds of the primary frame members, distributing the force to the frame rather than just pulling through the sheet metal. The mounting holes are positioned in the most commonly used mounting position in both vehicles.

Note:  If you feel the need to drill new holes in the plate feel free to do so just be sure to use a few coats of primer on the new holes to prevent rust.  

*Our mounting brackets have not been pull-tested and therefore are not DOT approved.


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