Dual-Fold Double Bench-To-Bed Seat

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Our Dual-Fold Double Bench-To-Bed Seat is the perfect choice for when adaptability is a must. Easily transforms from a bench seat to a single-person bed, and can swivel a full 90° to face the sliding door. L-track mounting brackets provide easy installation and secure placement. With its car seat restraints and 3-point harness, as well as a cubby for storage in the aluminum seat base, this seat offers essential features for comfort, safety, and convenience. 


  • Hardware
  • Mounting Bracket
  • (2) 50-inch Pieces of Recessed Flange L-Track
  • Uwin Quick Release Seat Lockers
  • Aluminum Seat Base with Storage Cubby
  • Swivel Adapter with Quick Release Pin
  • CRS Hooks (Carseat Hooks)
  • 3pt Harness (Seatbelt)
  • High-End Faux Leather Upholstery
While the seat or base has not been pull tested to any DOT standards (because it is cost prohibitive), the seat base and mounting were designed by an engineer with a baby on the way and it was designed to withstand at least 8,000lb pull test. Please note that RV's are not held to DOT standards for seating partially because of their weight and the momentum that creates.